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After taking part in the #7vignettes challenge last month via Instagram, I was eager to take part again. Run by the lovely Jennifer Bishop from Interior Addicts this challenge is full of some seriously talented creatives. My challenge to myself this month was to have my 7 vignettes styled with the same vintage feel.

While taking part in the weekly challenges from Ish and Chi via instagram I kept coming across these completely talented ladies with these amazing styling skills. While admiring their instagram feeds I found that they were taking part in a monthly competition called the #7 vignettes run by Jen Bishop, writer of

Jen presents seven words (one word each day) and then I went off and created little themes with bits and bobs from around my house.  I had an absolute ball taking part for the first time.  I was blown away by the talent of some amazing ladies I’ve met over the past seven days. I can’t wait to take part next month.