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Some years ago a friend suggested getting an app called Instagram as they knew I was a little addicted with taking pictures with my phone. Soon enough I had a full blown addiction to the app and I just couldn’t get enough of taking shots to share with the world. I thought it was absolutely fascinating with Australians showing all their summer pictures of our golden beaches and the other side of the world covered in snow. After a while Instagram had its far share of bugs, which made it a little frustrating to use so I decided to give it a break and I was clean of Instagram for nearly six months.

After after the birth of my son, I took on the role of a social media manager and I’m back on Instagram with an addiction even stronger than before. In a way I think it’s also encouraged me to explore different avenues of design by discovering the world of vignettes.

What is a Vignette?
noun, verb, vi·gnet·ted, vi·gnet·ting. • any small, pleasing picture or view.

It’s funny because as a child I remember lining up my toys in a very precise manner along my windowsill. I had beautiful dolls and I don’t think I played with them much but I just placed them in order with the others and made sure they were perfectly in line. I now look back and this explains a lot of things.

I think this is why I love the world of vignettes, the order of it all and the endless style options, and I thank Instagram for encouraging me to attempt these briefs devised by these talented bloggers.

This first vignette was for a brief created by a talented lady called Vivian Pagangos who is the author of the blog Ish and Chi.

The brief was to take a photograph of something red + home. I think this brief was made for me, for some reason we have a lot of red things in our house. Long story short, this little photograph won with three beautiful stunning cushions and a red throw rug from Rupee Home.

Thank you Vivian for a wonderful brief and also a big thank you to Rupee for the wonderful homewares. x