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Have you ever had one of those holidays that while you’re there you plan your next visit? Well this holiday was one of those. Fantastic food, sun, surf and plenty of time to myself. It was hands down the best holiday we’ve had since our little boy was born.

For some reason I have a collection of images that I don’t like posting straight away on any social media. I think some moments are very personal and private and I must admit I’m a little selfish and keep them to myself. I’ve been keeping these images to myself for about four and half years. This very special place was our honeymoon destination which I think is one of the most spectacular places in Australia.

One day we’ll go back to revisit this paradise island.

Kangaroo paw flower

My home away from home is an hour and a half outside Sydney. It’s the most wonderful escape from the city and makes us appreciate nature at it’s best. My in-laws are the most hard-working pair I’ve ever met and as their downtime they create these wonderful gardens around their country home. Photographed is one of their beautiful creations called the Kangaroo paw which are unique bird attaching flower.